Restaurant in a superb 17th
century cellar on the "Grand'Place" of Brussels


La cave du Roy sprl
Grand-Place 14
B-1000 Brussels
Open from noon to midnight
7 days on 7


Our restaurant "Cave du Roy" is situated on the « Grand Place » of Brussels in Belgium, famous for its unique architecture listed with the UNESCO world heritage. Through the nearby small streets of Old Brussels, you can join the very heart of the town.

60 guests can be served between the age-old walls of our splendid 17th Century arched cellar, under the house called « l'Hermitage » which was built in 1698.

Can one imagine a better location to get to know the soul of Brussels? That is no doubt the reason why many locals take their visitors there, allowing them to discover the history, the cooking and the hospitality which is characteristic of our capital.

From the terrace of the "Cave du Roy" you have a direct view of the most beautiful theatre of the world, including the town hall and its 90 m high tower, the « maison du roi » and the houses of the corporations (late 17th Century).

In 1903, the cellar of the « Hermitage » was fitted up as a chip shop where market-gardeners and middle class people came to enjoy mussels with French fries.

Today, the traditional Brussels cooking is served here since over a century, with Brussels music in the background (« flonflons »): Carbonnades à la mode d'Hoeilaert, Scampis à la blanche, Moules à la faro, ... old style dishes.

For gourmets perfectionists, you can request a book theme party, with friends or companies.

Livre d'or

  • Julie J.
    06-06-2014 14:41
    Très bon et très bel endroit !
  • jjetmfriboulet b
    02-04-2013 13:42
    un tres bon moment gasgtronomique une pause sympathique
  • xavier o.
    04-02-2013 22:53
    un endroit surprnant au détour de la grand place de Bruxelles, on y mange qualité et tradition sous des voutes centenaires.... impressionnant!